TeslaMax Treatment

TeslaMax peripheral Neuropathy treatment is the new, breakthrough technology needed to relieve and reverse many types of Neuropathy.  

The TeslaMax uses Tesla-Based Technology™ to restore blood flow and decrease fluid build-up (edema) in Neuropathy-affected areas. Improving circulation and reducing edema greatly accelerate the body’s ability to heal nerve damage. This type of treatment locally targets the specific areas experiencing the nerve trauma and removes blockages to allow the body restore veins and nerves back to working condition.  Patients often report feeling immediate relief during their first treatment.

The treatment to improve circulation is quick, easy, and virtually painless. There is no surgery and no prescription medication. The effect of the powerful yet gentle electrical stimulation treatment is so effective in conjunction with Dr. Wand’s comprehensive treatment plan he has even been able save Neuropathy patients from amputation.

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