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Patients Say

“After just one 45-minute TeslaMax session, I can already feel a world of difference, just a marvelous difference in my ability to walk. I did not even need my cane to walk and I have much more feeling in my feet without the numbness or pain! Even though the TeslaMax gave me some very deep contractions it did not hurt at all.”

“Dr. Wand ordered several tests to determine what was going on with the brain, blood flow, etc. His professionalism is beyond reproach. His experience and knowledge has generated a treatment plan which is resulting in a much better quality of life for my wife, which as a care giver is a blessing.” 

“I have been seeing Dr. Wand for a year now. He has drastically improved my life. I initially went in because of nerve damage and he has helped me with my thyroid disorder too. Which at one point caused my temperature to drop down to 91 degrees. I continue to see him. He is very thorough, asks questions you wouldn’t even think of and executes a plan for you. The staff is always pleasant and there is never a wait. Highly recommend him.”

“I’ve suffered with neuropathy foot pain for years. I can now feel my feet again and am on my way to a normal life.”

Get Relief From

Diabetic Neuropathy

Until recently, it was difficult to find effective neuropathy treatment in South Florida, but not anymore…

Nerve Pain

Due to a breakthrough in technology, this common but highly uncomfortable condition is now  easily treatable.

Circulation Problems

Having proper circulation in your legs is important for maintaining accessibility in your daily life, get help and experience results immediately.